Johnny Chiang "Journey of Life" Tour - Macau

The legendary singer "Prince of Melancholy", Johnny Chiang from the Taiwan pop music culture is deeply rooted in people's hearts with his ballad music style and vicissitudinary voices of life. In the 1980s, he reached the pinnacle of Taiwan's pop music scene and became one of the most watched legendary singers at that time. Johnny Chiang, who debuted in 1984, is about to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his debut. He has sung classic songs such as "Three Songs of Plum Blossoms", "Cheers to the Past", "Looking Back Again", and "Restless Heart".


The Londoner Arena


14 October, 2023 (Sat), 8:00pm


Turns out that every part of my life has a song by Johnny Chiang
At the age of 10,
【Looking Back Again】is playing on the radio, My life has just started.
There is nothing to look back, the journey of life is so simple. At the age of 18,
I am heartbroken.
My buddies get drunk with me, and we are singing 【The Last Tenderness】
We cry, get drunk and hurt. Yet, I choose to walk away from pain.

At the age of 28,
I work hard to chase my dream.
Countless travel tickets with all the long-distance trips
Wandering with loneliness, optimistic and sad.
I don’t understand why【After Many Years】I still can't get over all the faults and mistakes I made.

At the age of 38,
Those who passed by have already been forgotten.
What has passed is long gone with the wind.
【Restless Heart】gradually subside.
I only long for a little real sky that truly belongs to myself.

This year, I have lived nearly half a century and returned to the starting point.
I suddenly realize that the journey of life is simple, but not simple.
Love and reluctance are the most beautiful decisions in life.
The money you have is a gift from time to time.

Take your significant other, take your old friends.
Drink an old bottle of wine and sing an old song.
Cheers, cheers, I raise my glass【Cheers To The Past】
Singing 【Looking Back Again】from that special year.
With tears in my eyes, I realized that the one who understands life best is Johnny Chiang.
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