Planet J - The Journey Starts With You!

Planet J proudly announces the world's first ever, player centric, live action role playing (LARP) theme park. Within its massive 100,000 square feet facility, Planet J is exquisitely designed to house eight distinct gaming zones containing more than 200 whimsical games.

Rivaling traditional theme parks, Planet J is destined to become one of the most interactive entertainment experiences within Asia and abroad.

Shop 3009-3010, Level 3, Shoppes at Londoner

- Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 7:00pm (Last admission: 6:00pm)
- Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 10:00am - 8:00pm (Last admission: 7:00pm)


- One-day Pass: MOP220/Person - Magic Scroll Game Device included (60 minutes)

Ticket purchase is available on site

TEL: +853 2875 0800

Planet J always has new surprises for you!  In 2018, new AR and VR games are designed suitable for both adults and kids.  For kids, we would recommend the VR Orange Head Rabbit as well as the AR City Gate.  For adults, the Monster Frankenstein would be a good start and then, the VR Hopping Dead and last but not the least, the VR Maze.  Come and have fun!

City Gate AR
It presents a 3 meters high dragon in reality by using the Augmented Reality technology. Gamers will put on the AR goggles and armed with weapons to fight, to experience as if they are right in the scene killing the dragon.

VR Orange Head Rabbit
It is cute and an exciting VR game.  You will be the Orange Head Rabbit using your own hands hitting the oranges from all the directions.

VR Maze
An experimental horror VR game that makes you feel like stepping into a true nightmare. In the game, you will be given a flashlight to enter a haunted house full of secrets and deeper areas to explore.

VR The Hopping Dead
It is an action and horror VR game that brings you into the Eastern Haunted World. You will become an Exorcist in the game, fight against Chinese vampires and demons using Eastern magical spells and exorcism swords!

VR Monster Frankenstein
It is an action VR game that brings you the pleasure of horror and excitement! In the game, you will become Monster Frankenstein with super-strength punching zombies, giants and reapers that are coming to you from all directions!  The liveliness and haunted atmosphere of this game will definitely give you thrills!