Londoner Macao Hotel Opening Soon

Bringing the Best of London to Macao

The Londoner Macao is Coming Soon.

The Best of London Coming Soon

In the quest to bring the best of London to Macao, David Beckham and his two assistants enter a tailors shop. As part of Sands Shoppes, Shoppes at Londoner is going to recreate London’s classic shopping districts and feature British themed boutiques.

A London Mission: Behind the Scenes

To David Beckham, London is “creative, cool, home.” Embarked on an adventure with his two assistants, he is in a quest for bringing the best of London to Macao. Check out behind-the-scene stories!

Bringing the Best of London to Macao

David Beckham has taken on many different roles in his life – he is one of the best athletes of his time, a style icon, a multi-talented celebrity and a successful businessman; but at the core of it all, he is a true LONDONER.

A London Mission

David Beckham together with his assistants, adventures through the streets of London, tagging things that are authentically London that he wants to bring to Macao with him.

The Londoner : An inside look

The Londoner Macao evokes the excitement and charm of the Victorian era. Bringing together the very best of this iconic city, from spectacular recreations of world-famous landmarks to uniquely London-inspired public spaces, accommodation, restaurants, retail and entertainment.

The Londoner Macao is a celebration of timeless British design. The experience begins with the exterior facade, modelled on the iconic Palace of Westminster and Houses of Parliament, complete with the 96-metre Elizabeth Tower and spectacular clock face.
Crystal Palace is a light-filled, palatial atrium, modelled on Claridge’s of London and the Palace Hotel, exemplifying the greatest in Victorian design and construction in glass and iron.

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